Best Foot Cream for Dry Feet

best cream for dry feet

What’s the main reason that causes dry foot skin? The main reason why feet skin gets so dry is due to the conditions we put our foot through. The foot spends a lot of time trapped inside a boot where is cold, moist and dark and exactly when we get home we pop the shoes off and expose them to the air. Taking off the shoes is a plenty good thing to dry them out, although we have to consider the sort of climate you live in plus the footwear cream for dry feet

For those who have been suffering from dry feet, they fully understand it’s a continuous process. That why most people will be hung up on it as properly moisturized feet don’t stay that way for long. To keep the feet dry you have to invest in high-quality creams for dry feet that are well known for long lasting results. The best cream for dry feet recommended is Neutrogena or Eucerin brands known to cure most dry feet problems. They have been in the market for a decade now being used as moisturizing our feet.

Three Tips to Find the Best Foot Cream for Dry Skin

To know what good to keep your feet dry you have to check on all ingredients. Natural foot creams are to get rid of dry skin and improve skin in the long term, although chemically made foot creams have their good side too.

  1. Look at the ingredients

Don’t just check on the foot cream label; take a look at the ingredient too. Know the main ingredient in any foot cream before buying. Check if the cream filled with mineral oil and chemicals in most chances they aren’t effective.

  1. Proven Healing Ingredients

Foot creams with many natural ingredients are astonishingly effective for dry feet skin repair and healing. For instant active honey has been widely used in foot cream for its proven healing effects and making the skin look younger and softer. Creams with D-panthenol a naturally occurring vitamin-B5 is one of the best skin moisturizers that helps repair dry feet skin tissues. Another main ingredient in a good dry feet cream should be sea kelp extract an intensely moisturizing, healing rich content and antioxidants.

  1. Effective Plant Oils

Dry feet cream with natural oil creams for getting rid of dry skin is very beneficial. When used in the optimum amount they aren’t greasy on the skin.

The main difference between mineral and plant oils on foot creams is that mineral oils cover the skin to keep it moist while plant oils nourish the feet skin while retaining its moisture while protecting against drying air. Mineral oils are known to clog the skin pore, the other reason that makes plant oils excellent in foot creams for dry feet.

The market offers plenty of foot creams with almond, olive, grape seed and jojoba oils for quick feet skin relief. Natural tropical foot creams for dry feet are more convenient through as they get absorbed quickly into your skin.

What other best cream for dry feet in the market?

1. Sally Hansen Cracked Heel Cream

It’s one of the best foot creams for dry feet among the top foot treatment products ranked high by the beauty editors of InStyle Magazine. It’s indeed a good foot cream on the market; best known for an efficacious combination of emollients and exfoliates that work to soften and get rid of dead foot skin cells. It’s made up of beneficial ingredients extra-rich moistures such as petrolatum, shea butter, glycerin and natural antioxidants like vitamin E, A, and E that work on healing the cracked feet skin itself.

2. Neutrogena Cracked Heel Moisturizing Treatment

It’s one of the best creams for cracked dry skin; cracked heels considered the best by the Allure magazine. The cream contains natural skin conditioners including panthernal, Aloe Vera extract, and glycerin that ensure your feet are smooth and heal your feet without a greasy texture. It’s one of the best feet moisturizers of all time with beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E and keratin protein.

3. Lippmann Collection Soul Mission Foot Scrub

When dry feet skin is left untreated, its start to crack, forming large patches of dry skin and buildup of dead cells that end up creating a thick, rough texture on your feet especially heels and the side of the feet. Lippmann Collection is designed to treat dry feet, smoothen the feet skin as well as moisturize. It’s made up of herbal oils that help soothe, softening, and moisturizing dry feet with skin and battle dryness. It’s rich in Dead Sea salt minerals exfoliate away the rough and dead skin making the foot cream the best treatments of overall feet dryness as well as cracked heels. It contains skin healthy ingredients such as vitamin C and A.

You don’t have to get embarrassed about dry, crack feet skin especially for those who love wearing sandals and other open-toed footwear. Buy the best creams for dry feet to combat the excessive dryness that contributes to rough, cracked feet.

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