Hand Cream Options for Nurses

Hand Cream Options for Nurses

Being a nurse requires you to be tough and hard-working. And of course, it also requires you to use your hands more often for manual clinical tasks.

Nurses often encounter problems on the hands and most of these include getting their hands extremely dry and chapped. That’s why they need to carry with them the best hand creams when they are at work. How to choose hand cream for nurses? You should consider the best options below:Hand Cream Options for Nurses

1. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Dermatologists highly recommend this hand cream because it encourages a silky smooth texture on the hands as well as on the feet. If your hands and feet are sore and cracked, this will be a good hand cream choice. The great thing about this product is that it offers instant effect and relief. It replenishes the skin on your hands and feet, making them well-hydrated and preventing them from getting worse. Take note that it may leave a slightly sticky feeling for a while after you apply it, though.

2. Corn Husker’s Oil-Free Hand Lotion

Nurses need regular hand pampering and this hand lotion is one of the best options. It is completely oil-free and it provides quick effects to the skin as it penetrates way faster. For dry skin, this is another great option because it quickly does the moisturizing and it also soothes the skin that is dry, cracked, and irritated.

3. Le Couvent des Minimes Nourishing Hand Cream, Honey & Shea

The great thing about this hand cream is that it does smell amazing. It contains honey, shea butter, rosemary lead, sweet almond extract, and coconut oil. The sweet almond extract helps your hands feel smooth and soft. And because it has a shea butter ingredient, it won’t be difficult for your hands to become well-nourished. Many nurses suffer from damaged hands due to excessive use in the hospital so using this product will be a great help for them. And since it will not leave a greasy stain, it’s a must for medical professionals.

4. Aveda Hand Relief Lotion for Stressed & Dry Skin

This hand cream does best when it comes to softening and smoothing the skin on your hands. One with a light citrus fragrance, it provides instant relief especially if your hands are sore, tired, dry, and cracked because of the extreme hydration that it does. What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t contain harmful preservatives and it is labeled as cruelty-free.

5. E45 Dermatological Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream Dry Skin

This hand cream is one of the best options for nurses and it’s because of the fact that it contains ingredients that will help your skin feel smooth and well-nourished. This hand cream can be used overnight and it especially works well when it comes to moisturizing. It is especially recommended for people with highly sensitive skin and for those whose hands are extremely irritated.

Its ingredients include vitamin B3 which strengthens the skin’s natural defenses against harmful microorganisms. This vitamin also encourages skin regeneration at night. And because this hand cream also has natural oils, it won’t be difficult for your hands to get enough nourishment. It is easier for them to be fully restored to their good condition. What’s even great is that this hand cream also makes the skin on your hands healthier and with so much glow.

6. Avon Basics Silicone Glove Hand Cream

What’s unique about this hand cream is that it is heavily loaded with silicone which is very helpful when it comes to giving moisture to the hands. For people with dry skin, this could be a perfect hand cream. If your hands also feel tired most of the time, applying this hand cream will also be beneficial.

Avon Basics Silicone Glove Hand Cream also has a fresh, clean scent that you will not be able to resist. In addition, it doesn’t leave your hands greasy and it blends in very quickly.

7. Hemp Hand Protector

One of the best-selling hand lotions, this product is efficient when it comes to protecting the hands. It helps soften the skin, making your hands feel lighter and healthier. If you are a nurse or a medical professional, carrying this hand cream at all times will be a good idea since you can expect it to protect your hands from harmful and hazardous elements that are present in the hospital or any clinical area. It particularly provides heavy duty hydration to the skin and it especially treats it when it is irritated.

Tips to Protect Your Hands from Getting Dry, Cracked, and Chapped

There are tons of ways to protect your hands from getting damaged and these include:

1. Moisturize your hands

This tip is simple and easy to perform. You just only need the right product that will provide your hands with hydration. Choose any of the hand cream that is mentioned above for this. Remember that having your hands moisturized keep them from getting dry because it keeps the water from evaporating. It also gives your skin a healthy, dewy appearance.

2. Wash your hands frequently

Many people disregard this but don’t you know that it’s one of the most important preventions for dry skin? Always make it a point to wash your hands frequently. When washing your hands, use soaps that are milder as harsh soaps will just irritate them.

3. Choose a humidifier

A humidifier will help protect your skin and it’s because higher humidity levels will relieve your dry skin. In fact, it also gives your hands relief when they are itchy and chapped. When using a humidifier, make it a point to clean it regularly so it won’t produce bacteria or mold into the air that will just harm your skin.


For nurses, choosing the right hand cream is important. The hands are one of the important parts of the body and they are also the ones that are often used for labor. Make sure to take good care of them and remember the tips on how to choose hand cream for nurses to better protect your hands.

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