How to Style Your Hair with the Use of Best Hot Rollers

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\Hot rollers are one of the best inventions so far. They are a life saver especially when special occasions call for it. Because we want to look our best every day by sporting the best hairstyle, the most basic thing to do is to use the best hot rollers and experiment new styles. Now how do you style your hair using hot rollers? There are actually a lot of ways. They are easy to do, plus they look fabulous in more ways than one.long hair

One of the best styles you can use using hot rollers is the classic curls. What are the steps to come up with this style? First, get your rollers ready by making them hot. Make sure that they are hot enough to do its task before you take them and attach in your hair. If you are a first-timer in hot rollers, do not stress out. Relax, check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the directions correctly.

While getting your rollers ready, gently hold a row of your hair and spray it with a hairspray. This is to encourage more definition on your curls. Make sure that your hair is dry. A dry hair is ideal when spraying because wet hair prevents you from holding it. Spray all portions of your hair.

Next, make three sections of your hair by dividing it. This will help you work through your curls in an efficient way. Take note of your hair’s appearance and make sure that they are curled properly. This is especially important if you have long and thick tresses. When dividing your hair into three sections, make sure that you have to create a middle section, right section, and left section. You can use your comb to come up with the sections. You can then hold the different sections apart using hair clips.

Now you are ready to use your already hot rollers. Start by rolling the front portion of your hair, then wrap it around using a hot roller. Next, roll your hair back toward your head. This is to make your front portion pulled back, which is an easy thing when you are using a roller. Using a roller pin, tuck the roller in place and continue rolling your hair until the entire middle section is fully rolled up. Follow this step in other portions of your hair. You can experiment on your own and do your own style by rolling your hair in different directions. After, not uniformed curls are also sexy and outrageous. Plus, they look so natural. You can also roll some sections of your hair forward and some sections backward—whatever style that suits you is a good idea. If you want some small and tight curls, the best rollers to use are the ones with smaller sizes. You can also make use of medium-sized rollers if you want larger curls.

Now that you’re done with the middle section, start paying attention to the side sections. Begin at the top portion of your head and then prepare a section of your hair to be wrapped around a hot roller. Once done, roll it tightly toward the direction of your head. The purpose of this is to rest it horizontally above your forehead. Using a pin, pin it in place. Make sure that you have the appropriate size of the pin. Do this method with the other sections of your hair and make sure that you roll it down your head to your neck. Paying attention to the other side, do the same method until all the sections are rolled.

Now that all sections are rolled, start spraying your hair, making sure that all sections are paid attention to. When spraying, also make it a point that you have a firm hold of your head. Also, make sure that every roller is well-covered. The rationale of this is because this will keep your curls in the right place when the rollers are already removed. Wait for about 20 minutes until the rollers are cool enough.

Once the rollers are already cool, remove them. Start by taking off the pins. You will then see your curls freely bouncing. Use your fingers to separate each curls. Now if you want your curls to look more defined, you can add a few spray.

Using heated rollers can be a burden to some who are not familiar with it or those who just only know the basics. So before you indulge in styling your hair with classic curl, you might want to take note of these few tips.

  1. If you have a naturally long hair, the right hot rollers for long hair that you should use are Velcro rollers. They are the best choice because they don’t cause tangled hair.
  2. For extremely thick hair, divide your hair into small sections. This will give your curls more definition.
  3. Remember that large rollers bring out fewer curls, so if you want lots of curls on your hair, use the rollers with small sizes.
  4. Do not use hot rollers that do not heat up as they just damage your hair.
  5. If you intend to style your hair with a hairstyle that lasts, wash your hair the night before. This technique enables the curls to hold tightly.
  6. As much as possible, not use conditioner when washing your hair prior to using hot rollers. This will make your hair soft, thus, making it difficult for you to add grip to your tresses.
  7. While using the rollers, always make sure that your hair is tightly wrapped around them in order to create a good grip.

Using the best hot rollers for your hair is easy and manageable when you know the right steps on how to. The most important thing while doing it is to enjoy every bit of it. Do not limit yourself on basic curls. Experiment and try other twists and kinks that you haven’t tried before so you have the best hair choices for your next party to attend to.

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