The Friday Wrap 7.8.15 Business Edition

Really? August? When did THAT happen? I am keen to start August off on a positive note, closing the door on one chapter and looking forward to the next one. This weekend will be a mix of pilates, trying out a new Bavarian Beer Hall, and some good old fashioned relaxing.

I’m feeling particularly business-minded this week, so time to check out the best business reads from around the web this week:

The morning habits of successful business owners. I really need to stop wasting time..

How amazing do the offices of Airbnb look? Meet you at the ball pit!

A California computer company is offering double referral bonuses for employees who suggest women, miners, and veterans as job candidates. YES.

Job searching? How to get your resume in the yes pile.

Stop being shy and learn to ask for what you want.

Have a productive weekend!

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