The Best Hair Dryer for Your Travel Needs

travel hair dryers

The hair is any woman’s crowning glory, so you have to understand why women take the time and effort to do something great or invest with whatever that will make their hair look great including of course getting the best hair dryer.

If you are just at home, this will not be a problem since you can get the hair dryer as bulky or as big as it could be. But in the case of travelling, this will be another story and that you have a lot to take into consideration before getting one.

When you are travelling, you are not sure if the room at the hotel would provide you with such amenity, so you want to be sure that it would come in handy. Therefore, bringing your own hair dryer will give you the assurance that your hair would look perfectly great anytime, hair dryers

Why the Need for hair dryer During Your Travel

There are a lot of reasons why you probably want to pack your hair dryer.

You want to look good.

If your hair is in great condition, you will feel very confident and who would not want that. In that case, you want to make sure that your hair will be in great shape when you go out there conquering the world, so the best hair dryer would be very beneficial for you in this matter.

Weather conditions.

There are places that you need a hair dryer and I am pointing out to those cold places wherein drying your hair in a natural way seems to be impossible. A lot of people want to dry their hair as much as possible for health reasons.


You want to pack your own hair dryer for your convenience. Some of us are not a fan of the hair dryers installed in the hotel since we also have our own preferences. It is also much more convenient if you bring your own instead of getting into the place and scout as to where you can buy a hair dryer that you will only be using for the duration you are staying in that place.

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Travel

Let us say, you have decided to really bring with you a hair dryer in this travel of yours. Now what you need are set of criteria in choosing the best hair dryer for your travel.


Your point in bringing your own hair dryer for travel is that you could use it in the country that you will be going, otherwise it will defeat the whole purpose. Different countries have different electrical set-ups and you have to make sure that the hair dryer that you will bring will be compatible to the electrical set-up to the country you will be visiting. Good news is that, most companies now make sure that their products are compatible so your role is to find a converter in that country that you can pair with your hair dryer.

It is also good that you can change the voltage from 120 to 240 watts faster so you can use it anywhere without the fear that it will break.

Size and Weight

You have to remember, whatever the size of your hair dryer, it will still consume up space in your luggage so you have to make sure that it will not consume a lot of space. If you will be carrying a very small luggage, then I think you should reconsider if you really have to bring a hair dryer. The best hair dryer for travel should be foldable. The ability of it to be folded makes it easy for your packing and easier for you to store and save some space.

Other factor that you have to consider is its weight, for ultimate packing efficiency, a blow dryer should be 1 pound or lesser.

Strength and Performance

In getting a travel hair dryer, you have to make sure that you will get a hair dryer that will do its job in a short time. It should also be durable since you will be bringing it anywhere you want to go.


Multiple Heat Settings

It is good if you can find a hair dryer that will let you adjust the level of heat. It should give you the heat settings from low, medium and high heat so you can give the proper heat that your hair needed.

Fine hair requires low setting, normal hair should opt for medium setting and thick, coarse hair would need high heat.

Cool Setting

Look for a hair dryer with a cool setting. The cool shot setting will give you a sleek and lustrous hair. The cool setting will seal the hair cuticle for that shiny and smooth finish. When you are almost 80% dry, change to cool setting, this mode will dry your hair without overheating it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of bringing hair dryer when travelling



If you are going to bring a hair dryer when travelling, you will be saving a lot of time looking for a hair dryer to buy in the place where you will be going. Having your own hair dryer means you can use it anytime and anywhere as long as it is compatible to the power source.


Space Consuming

As I have previously mentioned, no matter what size your hair dryer is, it will still consume space. So, in that case, you have to consider the size of your luggage before you are going to think of bringing your hair dryer.


In summary, hair dryer is one of women’s weapon to look great and confident in their daily struggles with life and as they travel, they need to have it readily available for them also.

That is why, there are a set of criteria you need to consider when choosing the best hair dryer for your travel needs. You also have to check the features of each hair dryer and you need to look into its advantage and disadvantage of bringing a hair dryer when travelling.

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