The Best Vanity Mirror Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Makeup Mirror

the best Vanity Mirror

If you are one of the millions of women and young girls who want to have the best vanity mirror at home but do not have the slightest idea where to start, then this best vanity mirror buying guide may help you in your quest.

Deciding what type of vanity mirror you need may be tricky at first, but once you know exactly what you need, getting that perfect beauty mirror may not be that hard at all.the best Vanity Mirror

But before we go there, how many times have you asked yourself what beauty accessories can you not live without?

You may be thinking your hair brush?

Your makeup kit perhaps?

How about your reliable facial cleansers?

Or maybe that hard to locate tweezers?

Most of time, we can easily remember one of these vanity accessories when we think of doing our beauty regimen. But what about our vanity mirror?

Our makeup mirror?

We tend to forget about our mirrors, not knowing that it is essential in our beauty routine. In fact, not having a good vanity mirror can reflect how we will look after we put on our makeup or simply how we clean our face before leaving the bathroom or house.

So before you think of putting on your makeup or having a simple facial treatment, remember to have a good vanity mirror on hand, always.

So, where do you start?

To make your life relatively easier, we have narrowed down the options on how to get the best vanity mirror out there.

First thing is figuring out where you are going to place your makeup mirror. Ask yourself, do I need it installed on the wall, or do I just place it on my table? It would be futile to buy a vanity mirror not knowing where you will put it after it has been delivered to you or after you bought it.

Wall-mounted mirrors are bigger type of vanity mirror while tabletop designs are the compact or portable ones. Always bear in mind to buy the vanity mirror where it would be effective. If you have a small bathroom, then a smaller mirror would be a sane choice. And if you have kids running around the house all day, a tabletop mirror can be an easy target for accidents and you know what you will need once it falls down.

If you intend to use your mirror most the time, then the travelling type of vanity mirror is your perfect choice. However, if you intend to use it for say, once or twice a day, the wall-mounted mirror could be the right type. Also check the space where you want it placed. For wall-mounted mirror, make sure that your bathroom or bedroom is not crowded. And if you are having the tabletop mirror, make sure that your head or neck does not get into awkward angles most of the time. It is imperative at this point to place your mirror where it will effectively serve its purpose.

Safety first. When planning to buy a wall-mounted vanity mirror, make sure that the wall can actually support it. It would be a total disaster if your wall cannot support your mirror. Have a professional check this one out. And if you have a lighted vanity mirror, make sure it is waterproofed and is near the electrical outlet.

When you plan to use your vanity mirror on your bathroom, make sure that its glass is specially coated against fog, water and moisture. If your glass does not have any special protection, chances are you will going to have a foggy glass due to the seeping water and fog over time.

What other considerations should you think before buying a vanity mirror?

To keep people from leaning in too much, your wall mounted vanity mirror should extend to the edge of the counter. It should be able to reach out far enough in order to avoid strained neck.

Lighting. If you are having a lighted vanity mirror, make sure it has enough light to provide you the adequate illumination. LED lights can easily give you brighter and whiter lights, and fluorescents come next. But if you are going to buy those without any lights, then, you should have a location where there is a good source of light or near the natural light source.

Think of your vanity mirrors magnification. If you are using contact lenses, then fine, you can easily do away with mirrors without much magnification. But if your eyeglasses get into your way when applying makeup, then magnifying mirrors is your ideal partner. Use mirrors that can focus more on your face, a convex glass for example can magnify and gets you a much closer look when applying makeup. If you are not so sure about this, there are models of vanity mirrors that have two sides, one non-magnified and the opposite side is magnified.

Not all beauty mirrors are created equal.

Remember that vanity mirrors are created and designed differently depending on your needs. They are not at all created equal.

Budget, desired usage and magnification plays important roles when you choose your vanity mirrors but remember that some of these mirrors are just better than others. These differences are greatly attributed to the quality of the glass being used, its nature and the materials being used. Some mirrors are also sophisticated, especially those found in high-end beauty salons. They most of the time use “optical grade” glasses. This allows them to enhance the quality of its magnification and provide a brighter reflection.

Other mirrors are simply modest but can just do the job effectively. If you are just using it at home to clean your face, put some makeup, then basic vanity mirrors will do just fine.

There actually lots of choices to choose from depending on your budget, needs and availability of your space. If you want a salon quality vanity mirror, there are lots of world-renowned brands to choose from. Otherwise, get yourself a good old fashion, budget-friendly models of vanity mirror.

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